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Our Application Process

During the interviews, we will focus on getting to know you better. We will speak about your skills, expectations, motivation, preferences, and aspirations for the future.

All the discussions will be informal so we encourage you to be yourself. You have many questions, ask away. You want to share a good joke, please do. We love them!

If you want to know what and how many steps you can expect, check out below.

Our Technical Roles

  • Java Fullstack Engineer

  • C++ Engineer

  • Frontend Engineer

  • DevOps Engineer

  • Site Reliability Engineer

  • Cloud Operations Engineer

  • QA Engineer  

Our General Process Roles

  • Business Analyst 

  • Product Owner 

  • Technical/Business Consultants

  • Roles within HR 

  • Roles within Finance 

  • Roles within Sales

  • Roles within Marketing 

  • Pre-sales Solution Architect 

  • Business Development 

Our Leadership Roles

  • Director and VP level role

  • Technical and Cloud Architects  

  • Management level role: ex Customer Support Coordinator

Start your Career at WCC

  • Internship

  • Traineeship

  • Junior Roles

Ready to apply?

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