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What we do

WCC has changed lives since 1996. We are a group of highly ambitious professionals who believe in the greater story. WCC is more than just a software organization, we are a community that strives to improve human lives. We provide software that matters. 

WCC's software products – powered by our unique search & match platform – see 1/2 billion people every day. Through our solutions, these people are impacted in important aspects of their daily lives, ranging from establishing their identity and keeping them safe to finding the job of their dreams. Our solutions process vast amounts of data to make this happen.

Here are some highlights of our products.

Employment Product

We all realize the importance of employment. Employment provides us financial stability and resources for our well-being. We understand the difficulties candidates and employers face during the employment process. "ELISE Matching Platform to Employment" is an empowering solution that is available for Public and Private Employment Services. 

Our Smart Search & Match technology accelerates traditional job and candidate searching. It matches candidates with vacancies, delivering relevant results within fractions of a second, based on skills, capabilities, and experience. It also performs advanced gap analysis, providing instant insights into the talent pool’s quality.

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ID&Security Products


Civil Registration & Vital Statistics Solution 

We are on a mission to ensure that every individual on the planet is recognized and protected from birth. Around 1 billion people live and die unregistered. We believe that civil registration should be easy and every born individual's right. Birth registration is the first step in securing legal rights and identity which provides you other basic rights such as education, healthcare, and social protection. 

For this reason, we developed WCC HERA, making it fast and easy to register vital events such as birth, death, and marriage. HERA also offers dashboards & data analytics that enable governments to optimize planning, processes, and decision-making. 

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ID&Security Products


Border Management and Passenger Screening Solution

We all love to travel, but to ensure the safety of each crossing, there is a need to manage large volumes of identity data to protect the borders and citizens. We protect the borders from illegal movement so we can all travel safe and sound. Our approach aims at improving the crossing experience by minimizing the tasks to be performed by both passengers and officers.   

WCC HERMES is a person-centric, integrated border security solution for screening Advance Passenger Information (API) and Passenger Name Record (PNR) data. HERMES ensures both state-of-the-art security and optimum passenger flow at all kinds of borders, such as airports and seaports. 

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